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Peach, Cherry and Apricot Varieties

Here are the usual picking dates and a description of each variety of fruit we sell at the farmer’s markets. Fruits are listed in order of ripening in Palisade, Colorado:

Cherries: June 15 to July 15

bulletBing, a large, dark purple cherry that is tangy and sweet.
bulletRainier, a large, red on yellow cherry that is a cross between Bing & Royal Anne with a sweet, mellow flavor.

Apricots: July 4 to July 25

bulletPerfection, a large, oval shaped apricot, orange color & sweet
bulletGoldrich, a large, oval shaped apricot
bulletRival, a medium sized, oval shaped apricot with a blush of red

Peaches: July 1 to September 15

Varieties are listed in order of ripening.  All dates are estimates and varieties may last up to 10 days. There may be other varieties from leased orchards. SC=semi-cling, F= freestone.

Flamin' Fury PF-1 peaches
bulletFlamin' Fury® PF #1 (SC) @ July 1.  This is a large fruit for being so early. Peaches are 90% red over yellow background with excellent flavor. It is a very tasty first peach of the season. NOT for canning.
bulletPF #5B (F) @ July 7 – This peach is highly colored, like the others in the Flamin’ Fury® family.  It is 90% bright red and is firm.  It has decent size for such an early peach. This peach has very firm and tasty flesh.
Early Red Haven
bulletEarly Redhaven (SC) @ July 14 - This fruit is very similar to its parent, Red Haven, in color, size, flavor and texture except being more round. NOT for canning.
Red Haven
bulletRedhaven (F) @ July 21 - This is generally the first peach of the season used for canning and freezing although there are some new varieties that may take that title from Redhaven. It has a tendency to stick to the pit if not fully ripened. Many prefer to can this peach because of its good flavor, red coloring around the pit, and minimal browning. Peach is a yellow fleshed, medium to large size fruit that is well colored with brilliant red skin surface. Good for canning if very ripe.
Flamin’ Fury PF- 12A
bulletPF #12A (F) @ July 25 – This medium to large size fruit is definitely a freestone. Peach is 90+% dark red and has little fuzz. This yellow flesh peach has smooth texture, stays firm when ripe and has a wonderful flavor. Good for canning.
bulletRegina (F) @ July 28 - Fruit size is medium to large with 3/4 surface covered with a bright, attractive, red blush over a yellow ground color. Peach has firm, yellow flesh with red center and smooth texture. It has excellent taste. Good for canning.
bulletRoza (F) @ Aug. 7 - This peach is round and firm. It has a medium blush covering 3/4 of the surface. The flesh is deep yellow and slightly coarse. It has a wonderful, strong peach flavor. Good for canning.
Red Globle - some weight 1 pound each
bulletRedglobe @ Aug. 12 - This peach has firm, yellow flesh and sweet,  mellow flavor. It can be extremely large (thus the name). The skin is mottled in a striped pattern giving a unique appearance. Good for canning.
bulletSuncrest (F) @ Aug. 14 - Fruit is large, round and has light fuzz. About 2/3 of surface covered with a bright, red blush over a yellow ground color. The flesh is yellow with a red center and red rays throughout the flesh. It has a nice texture and extremely good flavor. Good for canning.
Blushing Star
bulletBlushing Star (F) @ Aug. 14 - This is a beautiful white fleshed peach that is medium to large in size. Peaches are 80% deep pinkish-red and have a wonderful distinctive flavor. The flesh is white tinged with pink and a red center. It does not brown when cut. It has very firm flesh and should be eaten while still firm. Good for canning.
bulletCresthaven (F) @ Sept.1 - Fruit is medium to large and is very round with a bright red blush over a yellow flesh. The flesh is clear and bright and is juicy and firm. It has very good flavor. Good for canning
J. H. Hale
bulletJ.H. Hale (F) @ Sept. 5 – This peach is very large and has yellow skin overlaid with red. It has yellow flesh that is free from stringiness. These peaches are very sweet and are a wonderful tasting late season peach. Good for canning.



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